Hello, bloggers! Sorry for being absences for months, kinda busy for made myself looks busy here. After months I've woke up as a graduated student, the only thing I'd like to think every morning is just to get my lazy ass off from my uber cozy bed, go out and make some green. Sounds cliche? Well, too bad, that's what adults did everyday to keep them alive :)

doesn't looks that busy, huh?

Actually, in my 'hibernated-blogging-time', I've made so many artworks. I'll posted it later, just be patient. Anyway, recently blame on twitter for making my bloggers account wasted. Ha! I'm tweet every hour. Talks about spamming on this habit-forming-microblog, do you have one? Feel free to follow mine! Don't tell that I've never warned you before: your timeline might be full with my daily complains ;)

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