Milosundae for Trexi

Follow Your Plastic
Trexi custom show

March 20-22 2009
Coridor Tunjungan Plaza III.LG

March 27-29
The Other Culture
FX Lifestyle Center

Me and My Trexi
I called him, Milo Biddy Bud

I'm so happy when my boss asked me for customize Trexi!
First of all, i want make them green. Not because 'go green' issue, but most because i love lemon green, and i make the gradation too, looks like ombre ;D.
I customize this very minimal. The bud (well, its more looks like a tree without leafs) is grown from Trexi's head. There is a little bird in one of his branch.
And i called him, Milo Biddy Bud :D.


fhen said...

biddy bud looks cute..
and i loove your artworks!

issye margaretha kamal said...

wow . it looks so cute :) can i get one ?

*hope we can be friend.

ONiC said...

oh my! hes super cutee