The Edge of Love

Tell me odd for recently watched The Edge Of Love, which is so 2008. First of all, this movie makes me wanna smoke. A lot. The way they light their cigs were more than just for enjoyed it, so much pretty scene.

The story itself, impressed me much. A romantic poetry Dylan (Matthew Rhys) is about loving two pretty-free-spirited-woman; a childhood friend Vera (Keira Knightley) and a flirty passionate Caitlin (Sienna Miller). He married Caitlin, who in the future, become Vera bestfriend. A relationship between three of them is so much strange, Dylan still hold on Vera, told her to stay while he said the same things with Caitlin, and they both know that each other had him inspired. Jealousy is the fourth person who sometimes comes joining their team. Until a charismatic captain--a war hero--William (Cillian Murphy), come into their strange relationship and proposed for Vera before the army sent him to a battle in Greek for the next 2 years. Vera, who stay in her mind that she would never loved anyone else but Dylan, then realized that love is more than a words, and a (never happens) promises.

A thing that made me falling in love with the character of Vera, is that no matter how deep her feeling for Dylan--which is her first love--she can committed with herself to not had an affair with him. She is consistent. Sincere. And her loyalty were paid after all. First love is always impressed, but it's not the most important thing: everybody can find their first love at their childhood memories but the last love would stay forever, maybe it wouldn't as great and deep as your first one. But they would be an only forever friend. Love is not about (the only) love after all.

found and falling in love with this vintage pic from

Anyway, another great part of this movie is about their wardrobe. I'm HUGE fans of baby boom ages. An era of sensuous, feminine, exquisitely tailored designs showed off women’s new independence of the 1940’s. I think, the way they dress at that decade was never go wrong and would never made the girls become a fashion victim, an ugly duck.

Bottega Veneta

L'Wren Scott

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