Friday for free-day! Yippie!

What Does She Wear? An 'It' Last Year ZARA Bag, 2009

Can't wait for tomorrow lomo's time, become a hunter for some hübsch scene with my childhood friend, Icha, and my roommates 'Lady' Diana and her new brother 'Sharky' Fisheye.

30 minutes left to heaven called weekends and listen to this song at Friday's 4.30 pm; what's makes an office hour better than this? Thank you for brightening an inch-to-paradise-sec, Mr. Lavie! O boy o boy how i love this video!

I've been crazy for Alexi Wasser's things this late months. Random steal from her 'slap-form-daily-blog',
"Only make out with boys who have been on Oprah or have an extensive Wikipedia page,"
makes me wiser for taking a weekend's date. LOL. Follow her and you'll know what I'm yapping about!

Anyway, happy weekend peeps :)

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