Urban Girls Know What They Really WANT ?!

Some girls know what they need, but the others are just like to be fashionable.. After all, they always got some choice ;D

She Said, "I Usually Use This Nikon As A Neklace
Or Sling Bag. It Looks Cool, and Luxury"

She Said, "Fuck Major Label, This Ipod Can
Save Up On 120 GB The Band That Doesn't
Exist Yet!"

She Said, "Go Green? Hell Yea! I Just Wannabe Slim!"

She Said, "Blackberry is Absolutely Useful,
I Can Check My Facebook Anywhere Anytime"

Some time, they even dont know how to use a words for the grammar, and letter on a words (or it just some kind of justification for ME as the creator? hahahaha!)


Shl said...

ah these are really nice :)

Rega Ayundya Putri said...

ahahahaha lo gak lg ngomongin gw kan nggi?

Cuckoo said...

saya suka pesan-pesannya

Anonymous said...

very inspiring blog :)


allieallen said...

1st and 2nd ... sooo awe-yeah-some!