Best Shoot

Introducing Ditto, a friend of mine and this is one of his silly pic that taken from Rebecca's webcam (a.k.a my baby notebook). He used to take it while I'm not there. He's a cool person, and caught him like this is a jackpot. This pic award him Rebecca's Best Shoot. EVER. Never failed made me laughs, I've said to him, "I've got your AS Spade!". Ahahaha!

Btw, I'll send the white-flag later to your house, dude. Peace ;)

Anyway, hope that I can spend this weekend with a bunch of old friends, just like the latest Sunday. As a-first-jobber-who-trying-to-hard-to-struggle-to-be-the next-round, a time to hang out with old friends is so much precious. How I miss them already!

I don't know if ever a famous photographer has quoted it, but I think that,
a good pic is whenever you had a lot of memory in it, although it was only taken by the VGA's resolution camera.
Those photos above for examples. Don't you see that happy faces? Thank you technology, for facilitate our life!

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